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    Our beautiful "Holiday Lights" at GWG.......Enjoy!!  Photos by: Patty Stranahan, Lin Johnson  and MaryJean Berg



               Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!











                                         Garland County MG Application for membership - 2014


                                            Survey Results for Funding Projects - August 2013



                     Welcome to the GCMG Website  

         Enclosed is the December 2013 Newsletter.  As most of you know, Carolyn Davis decided that 2 years is long enough to serve as Newsletter Editor.  I, also, will give up my position as Webmaster, as, I have been doing this for almost 5 years.....where has the time gone, huh???  Since NO ONE stepped forward to continue with the Newsletter or Website, Carmon Hayes, our incoming President, and her executive committee have decided to go to a Facebook Page and a Blog.  Please give Carmon and her committee ALL of your cooperation in getting this initiative off to a good start in 2014.  Since we have paid our website subscription through April, 2014, I will continue to publish our Calendar of Events, Treasurer's Report, GCMG Minutes and all photos anyone e-mails to me for monthly inclusion. 


       I have NOT updated any committee or officer information for 2014, as we are moving to the Facebook/Blog format.


        I have placed all of the 2013 GCMG Award information, 2013 Roster, 2013 Project Meeting Times and Committee Chairs, Co-chairs and Assistant Chair information onto this month's website.  The 6th Revision of our Articles of Establishment and By Laws is now on the About Us Page.  The 2013 Committee Projects document is on the Projects Page.  Hope all members will take advantage of all of our 2013 electronic information!!  If anyone sees any errors in any of these documents, please contact President Ken Johnson or Past President, Lin Johnson.  They will insure I receive the correct information. 


         You will find the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Intern Editions on our Newsletter Page.   To find out more about our newest them and enjoy!!


           We wish  "Happy Birthday" to all GCMG born in the months of  December and January......

          Of course, the individual committee chairpersons have gone out of their way to write some
great articles and share some wonderful photos.   Pat McCain shared her photos of the magnificent poinsettias and other seasonal plants which GCMGs saw on our November 14th visit.  Please visit the Photo Gallery page to enjoy!!


          Also, we have placed a direct link for "Climate Growth Zones" - from the USDA.  It has been updated for 2013.    It has everything you should need to know for planting and maintenance.  It is extremely user friendly with a huge amount of information on each Climate Zone.  Tab to the left. 


          The "Vegetable Garden Planting Guide for Garland County - 2012" put together by our own Carmen Felton is located on the Climate Zones Page, for our use.  Please check it out!!          

     Please go to Time Sheet Page for ALL information on our Online Reporting System.

Presently, Glenda Pannell is in charge of our Timekeeping - as she is the new 2nd VP.

            The 2013 Committee Handbook has been placed on the Projects Page!!


            President, Ken Johnson, has prepared the 2013 Meeting Schedule.  See Upcoming Events Page.


           The Reimbursement Request Form has been placed on the Important Links Page . 


            The Roster Addendum - through July 1, 2012 - has been placed on the Members Only Page   



          If you are new to the website, just click on the menu items to the left to view the various  pages.  The members only page is password protected.   All other pages are open to the public.     So,  everyone, enjoy!!                                                                                                    Pat Stranahan     




Your E-Communication committee: Pat Stranahan, Carolyn Davis,  Rita Monsen, Jennetta Sanders, Lin Johnson, Gaye Harper, Sharon Dent, Linda Doherty, Diane Daniel, Glenda Pannell, Mary Ann Jarvis, Hilde Simmons, Dianne Hardin,  Kay and Nelson Ford, Janie Turner, Pat McCain, Chappy Harper, Yvonne Becker, Ruth Siebels, Heidi Haskins, Evelyn Worsham, Carmen Felton, Sharon Seals.

The Extension Office staff and the executive committee continue with their great leadership and unwavering support. We feel blessed!!




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Disclaimer:  The GCMG Webmasters and staff have tried to be 100% accurate in the information delivered on this Website and within the Newsletters.  However, as you all know, human error is possible.  Please use the "Contact Us" page to let us know of any deletions, additions, mis-information or lack of information.   A special thank you, in advance.